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1. Jack Sparrow House

Fourteen Jack Sparrow impersonators live together in a house and battle it out to see who amongst them is the best version of the Pirates Of The Caribbean character each being evicted from the house if they ever break character.



We’ve all had those intoxicated nights when we’ve sat around with friends and said “Hey, here’s an idea for a show…” and they’ve turned to us, eyebrows raised and said “probably best if you go to bed...” 

Well, there was a point in late 2019 where one platform seemed to have a Head Of Content who not only rubber stamped those “High-deas”, but gave creatives millions of dollars to produce them! Sadly, but understandably, that platform now no longer exists, but the content is still out there somewhere and like the urban filmmaking myths shared during lunch on the film set, one day, a gaffer or grip will regale you with a story beginning, “I once worked on a show for Quibi…” and you’ll lean forward in disbelief…

Quibi, a multi-billion dollar streaming service that created and streamed 5-10 minute shows for smart-phone format, closed down just six months after it’s much-publicized launch. The startup attracted some of the biggest names in Hollywood from Kevin Hart and John Travolta to Inglorious Basterds’ Christoph Waltz and 24’s Kiefer Sutherland with the intention of revolutionizing how we consume content. However, it didn’t outlast Covid.

So, in homage to that bold content head who was perhaps a bit too quick with the green light, we’ve compiled a quiz to see if you can spot which shows were actually created (and still exist on a server somewhere) in a game we call “Real or No Real”.

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