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Whether you have a clear idea of the content you want or not, we’ll work with you to develop a concept that will meet your goals and more.

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We’ll work within your budget to develop an approach that gives you the most bang for your buck.

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Whether you need a skeleton crew to capture BTS content or a full-on production for a fashion promo, music video, short film or feature, we have you covered.

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We provide a full-range of cinematic post-production services, including editing, color correction,  graphic design and sound mixing.

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It's What We Do

Orange Robot is a talented team of experienced, passionate filmmakers, photographers, editors, and writers. Together, we are experts in narrative visual storytelling. From feature-length documentaries to BTS featurettes or 15-second social marketing pieces to global media campaigns, we consistently produce high-quality pieces that excite, engage and inspire audiences around the world on any platform. 

Depending on the goal and budget of your project, we will work with you throughout the entire production process. Sometimes our clients prefer to lead particular stages of a project and we enjoy finding how you are happiest to work and collaborating to ensure we produce the best results together.


Song For Hope:
The Ryan Anthony Story

In early 2019, we learned the incredible story of Ryan Anthony, a renowned trumpet soloist who despite being diagnosed with a rare, terminal blood cancer and given months to live, founded a charity called CancerBlows that produced a series of huge music concerts featuring the greatest trumpet players in the world in efforts to raise funds, awareness and one day to find a cure.

Over the next three years we:

  • Traveled the length and breadth of the country capturing the remarkable story of Ryan and interviewing characters associated with his life, 

  • Brought together 1400 musicians from all around the world in the largest virtual instrumental music ensemble ever built (during the pandemic), 

  • Collaborated with Emmy-winners and Grammy-winners to build a creative team that over-flowed with talent,

  • Recorded an original soundtrack with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra,

  • Formulated partnerships with major medical, biotech and cancer charities to use our platform to further advance the science and research and ultimately one day cure Multiple Myeloma.

  • Curated support and portfolios from crowd-funding campaigns, charity donations and major corporate investors.

  • Developed a huge international community of followers and social subscribers.

  • Completed the 80-minute documentary feature film, ready for release in 2022.


Summer Dream

In 2019, we produced a fashion short film that has gone on to win multiple awards at film festivals across the globe.

Through the lens of a half forgotten dream we unravel the story of two couples. Penelope and Christian, the picture of youth, testing the waters of a new relationship; and Vincent and Carmen, long married couple being confronted with the invigorating presence of the younger pair.


The Man Who Took Time

Jesse finds himself falling headfirst into a phase of his life that is sudden and unforgiving. On a day that starts with a bad audition, continues with an eviction, and ends with sleeping on a friend's couch, Jesse confesses, to himself and to his journal, that he is bitterly unhappy.


But an unexpected conversation with his grandfather helps Jesse unearth an internal courageous self; a courageous self that gently guides Jesse toward an inner strength that allows him to let go and give himself to life's ever-changing journey.


Honest Man

Honest Man is a music video we produced for the talented artist, Isabelle.


It tells a transparent and difficult story of a family’s unhappy reality. Using a tragic fairy tale as a metaphor for an unhappy marriage, and the consequences of a mother’s in-action and a father’s use of lies to control, the lyrics lay out a chronological road-map of a daughter learning the expectations of her as a woman from her mother.


These expectations are finally challenged by an “Honest man” who defies the expectations and offers a different reality, an honest and loving one.

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Impossibility:Possibility is a short film we produced in collaboration with writer/director and long-time Orange Robot team member, Brendan Sweeney. 


It tells the story of a widower struggling to cope with a life-changing event, finds himself taking refuge in a new technology that allows him to revisit that particular moment in time. Developing into an addiction, this becomes his only source of joy clinging on like his life depends on it, and perhaps, at an emotional and mental level, it does. 

This is a paradoxical tale of hopelessness, and a glimpse into what the future of technology might hold in our society.

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