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Looking for Marketing Content?
You've come to the right place!

Our team comprises both union and non-union crews who have expertise and experience in shooting video for EPK, BTS featurettes, production stills and a plethora of digital marketing assets. 

From commercials and short films to international blockbusters and streaming service launches, we can provide on-set personnel, conduct cast and crew interviews and capture exquisite BTS content which can then be crafted into compelling trailers, featurettes and social media marketing materials.


For All Mankind

When Apple needed a team to shoot and edit EPK materials including BTS, Cast & Crew Interviews, Special Features and promotional materials for the launch of Apple TV+, they came to Orange Robot. 

On the acclaimed space-race thriller “For All Mankind”, we spent numerous days on set capturing engaging BTS and interviews with cast and crew members. Every segment was meticulously composed to perfectly complement the show and meet the needs of the marketing teams..


Our client was so thrilled with the look and how everything came together that our videos became a key part of AppleTV+’s “lift off” and are still featured on the platform!


Home Sweet HomeGoods

Our crew joined production on HomeGoods’ latest marketing series starring comedy icon, Jillian Bell. We followed the comedienne and the rest of the cast and crew to capture behind the scenes footage and stills for a full digital content package surrounding the comedy ad campaign.

We teamed up with Merman Productions and the 22 Jump Street star at a local Los Angeles HomeGood’s Store to document the six-part series entitled ‘Home Sweet HomeGoods’. 

The videos are currently being shared on social media and digital platforms and have been FEATURED ON Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood!

Like us, you are probably debating if you could live on a diet of gourmet popcorn, flavored biscotti and a selection of exotic dried pasta!


Mad About You 

Sony brought us on to document some of the major moments during the production and promotion of the Mad About You Reboot. 

Not only did we capture Paul Reiser re-recording the popular theme song with some musical icons and promotional still of Paul and Helen walking the streets of New York, we also were able to put together a full two-camera shoot in under two hours when our client called us for help. 


Our goal is to always make sure the client gets what they need no matter what the circumstances may be!  


Defending Jacob

When it came time for production to start on the dramatic mini-series, Defending Jacob, Apple again came to Orange Robot to handle the EPK and BTS content capturing process. 

Along with hiring local crew in Massachusetts to conduct cast and crew interviews on-set, we also assisted the marketing team with forming compelling interview questions which would prompt answers that would leave audiences an the edge of their seats. 

Once the on-set interviews were completed, we produced a separate shoot in Los Angeles to capture interviews with the Executive Producers. In doing this, the marketing teams wanted to make sure the look and feel of the EP interviews matched those that were done with the cast and crew even though they would be conducted on opposite sides of the country. Through careful planning and preparation, we were able to seamlessly fulfill this request!

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